Eira G3F/V7
Eira G3F/V7

Eira G3F/V7

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Mondrian  20:53, 13 December

...it's usless to post links to a paysite.

SpocksBeard1701  14:38, 19 December

I thought the same way until I took the plunge one day. Now I'm glad that I did. It was easy enough. I used bitcoin and tried both Nova and Rapidgator. I was NOT impressed with nova. They impose a 20gig transfer limit that will replenish after three days. Problem #1. Problem #2 was that I never actually got the full 20gig. I actually got 15gig the first time, 17gig three days, and so on.
On the other hand, I paid for a month, which was only 2-3 dollars more than one week with nova! And rapidgator has NO limits. You can dl day and night for an entire month!
could we please get a reup for 'EIRA G3F/V7', please?

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